VC Sila Accelerator
was founded in 2017
as a partnership of private

VC Sila Accelerator is a program for tech startups based on the expertise of experienced enterpreneurs and business professionals who have
established, sold, invested in, and controlled many tech enterprises
in the sphere of venture and IT business. During the acceleration, our experts will assist you in developing your product and mastering its positioning.

Venture building

  • A Russian company providing Wi-Fi-based services: software for public Wi-Fi authorization, Wi-Fi scanners, user identification systems, and much more.

  • Development, integration, and support for complex IT solutions for the sake of successful business growth. The Jack IT team creates user-friendly platforms for the most convenient use.

  • Vinci is an international IT company and the developer of Vinci Messenger, a secure and versatile messaging application for social networks.

  • World WIFI is the first global Wi-Fi network to bridge advertisers, providers, and private routers owners. It allows makeing money on Wi-Fi

  • A tool to prepare and hold a virtual conference, a training program or a slide show just in five minutes

What you get

  • Mentoring

    The best industry specialists
    in marketing,
    business and sales
    will be involved to assess
    and help your project grow.

  • Financing

    Teams with good
    interim results
    get the initial investment
    in their company. Experts define investment amounts upon project analysis.

  • Community

    Expertise exchange with participants
    and graduates of the accelerators,
    networking at our events,
    assistance in headhunting
    and search for partners.

  • Investments

    Financing is the key element of startup success and one of the main activity areas of VC Capital.
    Accelerator winners receive investments to develop their business.

  • Promotion

    VC Capital also promotes
    startups on both Russian and international markets by participating in various field-specific events
    and by developing a PR strategy.


  • 01.

    Collection of applications

    Search for projects
    which correspond to
    development directions and stages.

  • 02.

    Project selection

    Review and selection
    of projects to enter the

  • 03.


    Every week our experts
    are involved in the program
    to work out various subjects of
    business positioning and strategy
    and to satisfy the requests
    of specific startups.

    • Attending lectures, educational workshops, and private consultations, meeting potential clients.
    • The amount to pack and launch the product pilot version is based on interim results.
    • Making acquaintances and discussing possible cooperation with potential clients of your projects from SILA ecosystem companies and partnering corporations.
    • Pitch preparation week to hold a professional investment presentation.
  • 04.

    Demo day

    Demonstration of results
    to the SILA accelerator graduating board which comprises
    company experts, representatives
    partners, investors
    and business angels. MORE

    • Selecting accelerator winners.
    • Accelerator winners will receive additional investments for business development and the ability to develop on both Russian and international markets.

Apply, if your project belongs to any of these industries

Bio technologies, blockchain, online education, artificial
intelligence, internet business, medicine, telecom,
entertainment, cloud solutions,
logistics, big data and other technologies.


Startup selection criteria

  • 01.

    Teams are from Russia, the CIS and the Baltic States.

  • 02.

    MVP is developed, there are the first sales
    and clients.

  • 03.

    The product's value is proven by
    real clients.

  • 04.