angle Venture market for individual investors.
Easy and secure way to invest in world-class IT startups.

The minimum investment in a business architecture of tech
companies is ₽ 5 mln.

We provide consulting services for corporations to select tech projects and assist startups
in attracting investments. We also help companies
that are established for sale to corporations, entrepreneurs,
and funds.

VC Sila is a company organized as a private innovation ecosystem. Under a single umbrella brand, SILA brings together startup acceleration programs, investment practice, and large-scale private and public projects creating an innovative environment to address modern global challenges.

We assist you in
developing an investment
profile at the early stages

Investing in startups means a striking growth potential but can be challenging to control and be inapproachable for many individual investors. VC Sila focuses on investment at the early stages.

Venture building

The list of tech projects participated by VC Sila is approachable for limited number of
venture investors.


How to invest