angle We select, develop and invest in
innovative projects to make them the top ones in a high-tech world.

Timur Kudratov
Limited Partner VC Silla

Our mission at the investment fund is to support young and talented entrepreneurs as well as innovators with a burning passion to bring about revolutionary change to their respective industries. We genuinely believe in the ideas they present and are ready to provide them not only financial support but also our expert guidance and other resources to help them achieve their goals.

We do more than just invest in startups. We become their partners and work closely alongside them to help them bring their ideas to fruition and achieve success. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals prepared to provide our startups expert help in every aspect of their business – from developing a business strategy to attracting investors and marketing.

We have an extensive network of contacts in each industry and are happy to share our knowledge and experience with our startups to help them discover new opportunities and partners in their respective industries.

Our goal is to create a favorable environment for innovation and help our startups reach their potential, achieve maximum results, and become leaders in their industries.

We are proud to help young, talented entrepreneurs and innovators make their ideas a reality and succeed. If you have a unique idea and are looking for a partner who can help you bring it to fruition, get in touch with us. We are ready to partner with you in creating the future and help you achieve your boldest ambitions.

VC Sila (Venture Capital Invest) Venture Сompany

We work with funds, corporations, banks, and private investors that invest in the most promising projects worldwide.

We collaborate with forward-looking IT businesses on Seed / Round A / Round B / Pre-IPO / IPO stages.

Our advantages

  • Reliability

    Transparent business planning, proper risk management and proactive
    investment management philosophy
    are at the heart of what we do.

  • Partnership

    Mutual benefit is the only acceptable cooperation principle for us. We appreciate efficiency of teamwork.

  • Goodwill

    Our company values its good name.
    Thus, the goodwill of the business
    has been established throughout
    the years of hard work.

  • Focus on the market

    We select innovative projects on the ground of market demands and trends.

  • Development

    Development of business processes allows us to improve the quality of services we provide.

Venture building

  • Vinci is an international IT company and the developer of Vinci Messenger, a secure and versatile messaging application for social networks.

  • NUTSon is a short video platform with a built-in payment system and monetization tools designed to share creativity, knowledge and emotions.

  • A tool to prepare and hold a virtual conference, a training program or a slide show just in five minutes

  • INCEPTION is a revolution in the venture capital investment market. We are creating a marketplace where small and medium-sized investors can not only buy shares of growing companies in real time, but also fix their positions by selling shares in one click.

For investors

We invite funds, corporations, banks, and individual
investors to take part in large-scale innovation projects.
By combining your participation with our expertise in venture financing, selection and launch of successful projects we can substantially contribute to this world's progress.


For startups

Are you a skilled entrepreneur or a business professional
who has created, sold, invested in, and managed numerous tech enterprises with tens of millions of users and hundreds of millions of revenues? Join us and receive our financial and instructional support!
We know how to make your business successful and strong.